Robots from Star Wars™️

Everyone is worried about robots and AI taking their jobs, they should be more worried about it pushing them into one of two troughs

Worrying about robots and automation on the impact of the job market and our specific jobs is a phenomenon that often seems to run far ahead of the actual development and capabilities of said robots and algorithms. Whether it’s an algorithm as our boss, screening job applications, or making our schedules there are many ways we are already being supervised or replaced by programs. Robots are increasingly entering the workforce, whether flipping burgers, patrolling malls as…

Democracy and competition go hand-in-hand.

A recent NYTimes series about the rise of China and its new model for how governance and society are flourishing (in direct competition to the West’s democratic and Laisez-Fair model) is just the latest in a long string of narratives about how the Chinese model is (despite our initial thoughts) flourishing while pulling away from democratic norms and values. The article discusses how China is statistically more meritocratic, has a higher degree of economic mobility, and overall a more optimistic and aggressive posture than America. Another series from NPR’s daily podcast on economics called The…

How we gave technology firms the bargain of the century

In America, we pride ourselves on our ability to get the best “bang for our buck.” In a country with popular TV shows devoted to thrifting, couponing, and living in tiny houses, there’s nothing that makes an American light up more than scoring a good deal. It’s why people line up for hours for Black Friday deals, read articles about clever ways to save money, and brag about getting something for less than they should have paid for it. It’s therefore not surprising that web services like Facebook, Google Docs…

Change in the Me-Too era won’t come unless we force men to reckon with the forces they created.

With the Me-Too movement firmly entrenched in our society’s gaze, the task now turns to stopping the forces that led us here. No one can deny there is an ingrained problem with sexual harassment. The problem exists in every industry, on every continent, from every socioeconomic status, race, religion, ideology, and age. Yet it is hard to find those willing to openly attribute this behavior to a single, identifiable trend: being male.

Between 2003–2015, there were 160 active shooters that killed 1,043…

Metin Toksoz-Exley

Mathematician, overthinker, and Oxford comma-enthusiast. Scientific researcher at the Institute for Defense Analyses. Views expressed are my own. (He, him, his)

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